Compiled Events and Pruned Events

This is how the concept of parallel worlds operates in the Fate/EX series.
It’s easy to understand if you think of Compiled Events as the “main route,” and Pruned Events as the “bad end” route.
However, Pruned Events are merely worlds where many possibilities have been lost due to excessive specialization and drifting too far from the main route, so they are not necessarily bad or evil routes.
If you were to divide these flows in terms of good and evil, a good flow would be a flow that is stable and most ripe with the possibility to give birth to other branches in the future,” while a bad flow is “a single flow that has become too radical and has no chance of changing its course because it has become a one-way street with nowhere else to go.”
There have been Pruned Events that have progressed further than any world within the Compiled Events, including utopian worlds that were filled with hope and happiness. However, since those outcomes are “complete in and of themselves” or “finished,” there is no need to see them through to the end, and so they are “trimmed” at the stage where the requirements for a utopian world are met.
The universe will not expend energy to create an ending where it already knows what will happen. This is because the universe continues to expand towards a “future” that no one has seen before, that not even a life form of a higher order could predict.
To give an example using the fighting game Melty Blood, the TATARI route is the Compiled Event, while the Tohno household supreme Kohaku2 route is a Pruned Event, but I digress.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Officially translated as “Compiled Events and Trimmed Events,” sometimes also known as “Events Permissible to Revision and Events Designated for Removal” or “Items Permissible to Revision and Items Designated for Removal.”
  2. ^ Kohaku Musou.
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