BB Channel

From the second chapter onwards, there is a “BB channel” movie for each layer that introduces the new game play elements of that stage. Sponsored by BB, produced by BB, and featuring BB.
There are 6 main broadcasts with 3-4 additional mini-broadcasts of BB’s show.
In the show BB is so hyped up that her high-strung attitude almost hurts, this is because BB Channel is the only time that BB gets to spend with the protagonist, so she is desperately trying to show her appeal. However her efforts are rather fruitless, and have the opposite effect.
Originally the BB Channel sections only comprised of one background CG with BB’s face in front, but thanks to the hard work of the development staff it became a series of short movies before I knew it. Actually the BB channel movies were produced in the last month before the development deadline.
It might have been interesting to include an investigation and report about each arena as part of BB Channel. “Excuse meeeeeeeee” and then after entering the room she just finds the whiteboard used in EXTRA’s “Bonus Theater” (Omake Theather) and the SakuRider cosplay outfit…

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