A nun from Gray’s hometown.
Such was her front, actually being an armed agent of the Holy Church.
The illegitimate child of a Cardinal, she was entrusted to the Church in order to keep the affair a secret, but that was a history that didn’t bother her in the slightest. Instead, she one hundred percent accepted her current position of delivering punishment without hesitation to those that stray from the will of God.
Within the Church, she was a typical representative of the Conservative faction, and as such was somewhat opposed to Father Fernando, but on a personal level she was quite fond of him.
A hard puncher who rampages with the Ash Lock, a weapon of the Executors. Though she typically uses her fists to strike out at the world, she is capable with her feet as well.
The author is particularly fond of her slightly thicker lips and freckled complexion, like one might see in a foreign drama. Furthermore, the “preference” Father Fernando pointed out of hers was, pretty much just as he said, that cheeky girls like Reines are right within her strike zone.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Also translated as “Irmia.”
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