Caules Forvedge

A young magus, originally from Fate/Apocrypha. Of course, since Apocrypha is set in a different world, much of his background is different.
Compared to his genius sister Fiore, he was fundamentally ordinary.
That being said, his skill in Electricity Magecraft drawn out by El-Melloi II is the real deal. Originally, the magecraft of the Forvedge family revolved around the summoning of low level spirits, but after observing Caules’ training for a time, El-Melloi II decided “you are not suited for that kind of magecraft.” Showing an extraordinary affinity for the Primeval Batteries, the “Crafted Tree” he used in the Rail Zeppelin case was something he learned within an unprecedented time of a single month.
While attempting to decide what kind of magecraft El-Melloi II would draw out of him, a certain Narita Ryōgo was adamant in his advice that “Of course that has to be Electricity Magecraft!!” Of course, that was inspired by his Servant Fran in Apocrypha. “Crafted Tree” was also named after Fran’s Noble Phantasm, “Blasted Tree.” There’s no way Caules would have knowledge of this alternate world, but if there was some sort of fate tying those two together…even if it was a thread thinner than a spider’s silk, that was enough, or so this author thought.

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