Karna is a Servant that appears in CCC.
His class is Lancer, but his Master Jinako has no desire to hide his true name, so he is usually called Karna.
Karna is a character from the India epic Mahabharata, and he is a hero belonging to the side that is defeated in battle.
He was put down by an arrow from the great hero Arjuna, however his existence was not necessarily an evil one, he was simply fated to fight Arjuna, and he is depicted as a significant enemy.
Despite being a handsome man whose looks go unrivaled across the land, he is a man with sharp eyes and has an unapproachable aura.
Merciless to his enemies, his words and actions contain not an iota of superfluity. He doesn’t let you sense any humanity within him.
With skin as white as a ghost, and his ominous pitch-black clothes, there is no other Servant that appears as evil as he does.
But actually, he is an extremely considerate and compassionate character.
In response to most issues he says “I see. So that’s what’s happening.” and wisely accepts that what the person says is indeed possible.
His alignment is neutral, but he agrees with things that are good, so his personality is good. He doesn’t express himself very well, but he considers the protection of his father’s (the Hindu Sun God) authority to be of utmost importance.

Karna is often misunderstood as “evil” because of the way he speaks.
Karna’s actions and words are always striking at the essence of things.
There are people who are fakers, or who just say things to maintain appearances, or who lie about their beliefs.
He sees through them all, and candidly jabs at the true nature which those people did not want to reveal. The result is, of course, being hated by most he meets, which unavoidably breeds combat.
Lacking the finesse required to calm the people that his words have enraged, he silently takes up his lance and accompanies them in combat until they give up.
He doesn’t dislike people with incompatible beliefs or whom he can’t understand, because Karna is a proponent of the idea that everyone has their own circumstances.
He takes this to the point of, “That’s also okay… actually, to be honest, I’m a little jealous.”
However, the untalkative Karna doesn’t often say what really needs to be said, thus he comes off as hating all things despite that being far from the truth.
Though he is the most obedient and tame Servant of all, due to his choice of words, he is disliked not only by his enemies, but even by his Master.

As a Servant he is bound by his contract with Jinako, however he has no specific wish of his own. He simply wanted to serve a Master who made the effort to summon him in their time of need.
His father is the Hindu Sun God, Surya, so his power level is Special A Rank1. His is shoulder-to-shoulder with the exceptional Gilgamesh. He is an incomparably strong servant.
Since Jinako is a third rate Master, his full potential is not drawn out. This is largely because by the time he makes his appearance in CCC, he has already lost his greatest weapon.

As far as Servant battles go there is no complaint about this admirable foe.
Towards the end of the first half, he confronts you as a boss, and brandishes overpowering firepower. His attack from the sky “Brahmastra Kundala” is a bullshit attack which despite being nerfed from its former nuclear bomb tier power, still wreaks havoc with bombs falling from the sky during the time between attack rounds. Even Nasu was killed by this attack when testing the game. Karna is seriously trying to kill you.
Beams also shoot from his eyes, but it’s actually just a visual representation of the power of his gaze.
“Weapons are so boorish. Real heroes kill with their eyes…!” is an actual line of his.
Unfortunately due to the limited amount of data that can be used for the game, the first half of this voice line just barely failed to make the cut. A “Men’s Knuckle” type of guy.2

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ For the “Special A Rank” part, the Japanese says “特A Rank” which could be any of A+, Special A Rank, or EX A Rank. I’m not sure which is most appropriate.
  2. ^ Men’s Knuckle is a Japanese fashion magazine that features a male-gal (gyaru) style. This style involves preppy street clothes and lots of accessories (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.). Also known as Onii-kei style.
Fate/EXTRA Material: Encyclopedia of Fate/EXTRA

A Lancer-class Servant, and front-liner in Tamamo’s army.
Karna is a hero who appears in the ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata.
The child of the Sun God Surya, he is a tragic hero who was never able to bask in the glory of his divine lineage due to a variety of misfortunes throughout his life.
Although he endured a great deal of hardship, Karna himself has no regrets.
In fact, he believes that because he received superhuman abilities from his father, it is his duty to suffer through trials and tribulations.
Karna is also known as the “Hero of Charity” and is famous for his noble nature, that of someone who basically never refuses any sort of request.
He is a Top Servant who was summoned by the Moon Cell.
Tamamo was the first one to invite him to join her army after he was summoned to SE.RA.PH, which led to him siding with the Millennium Capital.
His sharp appearance, combined with the austerity of his words and actions, cause many to incorrectly believe that he is unapproachable and fearsome. In reality, he is one of the most decent people amongst all the Servants.

Fate/EXTELLA material: Encyclopedia of Fate EXTELLA