Kazikli Bey

The Fortress of Impalement.
Lancer’s anti-army Noble Phantasm.
This is a Noble Phantasm derived from Vlad III’s posthumous title – Vlad the Impaler.
It’s a magic torture castle that pierces victims with magic lances which curse and deal heavy damage.
The pain caused by it increases depending on the immoral and deprave sins it’s victims have committed; it’s truly an attack of great justice.
In the game, like the screaming Mandragoras, countless lances burst out from under the feet of enemies and pierce them, causing huge damage.
Furthermore, the attacks apply the negative status effect “curse.”
The attack affects all enemy units, so its true value is only displayed in one vs. many situations rather than one-on-one.
Also, as a hidden component, Kazikli Bey’s damage is increased when used on people who qualify as “enforcement targets.”
If the enemy has committed the crimes of running away, immorality, or violence, Kazikli Bey’s destructive power increases. There is no extra damage when used against the protagonist because they have no criminal history.

At the time Vlad III was alive, punishing commoners with impalement wasn’t unusual in the Balkan Peninsula and Northern Mediterranean Sea areas.
But then, after Vlad III took up the role as Wallachia’s lord and leader for the second time, he became fed up with the extreme corruption and depravity of the nobles in his country.
He decided that the decline of Wallachia was due to these nobles, and took decisive action against unprecedented numbers of them. His primary method of enforcement and punishment was impalement.
In Wallachia, where nobles and commoners had previously been subject to very different treatment and rules, it’s presumed that Vlad’s actions were extremely shocking.
There was surely no one in the land who did not feel the severity and horror of Lord Vlad’s actions.
After routing the nobles, impalement became Vlad’s favorite method of punishment, and in 1459 he even went so far as to impale the emissary of the Ottoman Empire (Turkish Empire) alive, among other deeds.

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Lord of Execution. Lancer of “Black”’s Noble Phantasm. It can unleash a maximum of twenty thousand stakes in the territory he has set up with his skill “Demonic Defender of the State.” It can be used to attack, defend or regulate the movements of the enemy. Due to the being set up in Romania, the territory created by “Demonic Defender of the State” here is the largest of any Holy Grail War. Not only does the damage from the stakes pile up, they attack one after another with overwhelming numbers reaching twenty thousand, living up to Vlad III’s nickname “Lord of Impalement.”
Though the power of each individual stake is low, they deal additional continuous damage through “penetration” for some time after even one of them is stabbed into the enemy. Furthermore, if his spear hits the enemy even once, it will cause stakes to be created from within the enemy’s body and pierce them from inside out. When this happens, nothing can be done, and the enemy will end up suffering in excruciating pain until they die.
…Well, the fact that there was an unbelievable Servant who would circulate fire through his own body in order to incinerate the stakes within him was probably a miscalculation for Vlad.

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