User of the Caster Card

A refreshing upstart mage. He has oil fields or something like that. He has a selfish, proud, and strongly conceited personality.
While participating in the Fourth Holy Grail War, his original body was swallowed by “darkness” and died. The character left in a puppet is manipulated as a pawn of the Ainsworth. The Card employed in the Fourth also was the witch Medea.
“Let’s see, how about we try the so-called power of a witch from the Age of Gods. Surely it won’t be a big deal, though. After all, it’s been some thousands of years. Mystery may have faded away, but instead we have technological advances…”
And the moment he Installed it brimming with self-confidence, he crumbled down on the spot. Because the power of the witch Medea that arose from within himself desperately and thoroughly crushed his confidence.
What was my life was until now? What were my studies as a mage for? The level as a mage was so different he wondered that. Without time to recover from the unexpected shock of his obsolescence, he ended that battle.
Besides the lack of spirit caused by the displacement into a puppet, he has developed a severe “memory disorder” from that shock.

“Unacceptable. Impossible. It mustn’t be. Then? Right. Exactly. It’s obvious that it’s ‘the memory which is wrong’—”

Now he thinks, from the bottom of his heart, that the power of the witch Medea is his. That he is the real witch, and that he only recovers his true form when Installing the Card… Believing that, if he wins the Holy Grail War, this curse that degraded him to the body of a stale mage will be broken, he continues fighting today as well.
They beat him immediately though.

PRISMA material/petit: Encyclopedia of Prisma Illya MOVIE