Merem Solomon

The Four Demon, the Great Beast.
Burial Agency Number Five. His other name was Crown.
He was a Demon-user who wielded the imaginary beasts called the Four Great Beasts.
He was also one of the Twenty-Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.
On the surface, he played the role of a priest with the magical beast of his left arm. He really looked like a boy of about twelve.
The child was whimsical, sometimes he was very kind, while others he was cruel.
Originally he was a Divine Child worshiped as a living god by a small tribe.
Not only did he have the special power to communicate with animals, he was also able to give shapes to the selfish wish of humans. Because of his powers, the tribesmen severed his limbs and placed him on an altar since he was a child.
It was unknown if he would eventually become a god if he kept living like that, but a passing True Ancestor intervened.
After that, the youth became the Dead Apostle of the True Ancestor and was given the name Solomon. He became one of the oldest Dead Apostles.

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