“Nega-Keraunos” (Thou, Cosmos-Cleaving Keraunos)

Ruolong’s trump card.
The black and red usurped Keraunos. In other words, the Typhon Version of Zeus’ Thunder.
A new destruction device created by the Progenitor Dragon Typhon hacking into Zeus’s blueprint. Its output can’t go above Zeus’s restrictions, but that’s actually beneficial for Typhon.
Even with this output limited, using this is as close as humanly possible to self-destruction for Ruolong. A super move that takes mobilizing almost all of his Magic Circuits and magical energy.
He converts half of his Blaze of Etna armor into artillery. Using the elements of flame and wind, he induces charge into particles laced with inverted magical energy. And a bolt of lightning mixed with black and red instantly blasts in the target’s direction.

TYPE-MOON BOOKS material: The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II Glossary