Japanese Magecraft

In the magecraft used by the Clock Tower, the caster utilizes magecraft by first using their Magic Circuits to generate magical energy, then in most cases, connecting to magecraft foundations to lead them to spell formulae.
In contrast, Japanese magecraft shares the first step of using their Magic Circuits to generate magical energy, but from there they don’t go into magecraft foundations or spell formulae. Instead, it functions by drawing Authority from their respective contractors, the god worshipped in their organization (in most instances, only a part of it, such as a piece of flesh).
Consequently, the Clock Tower views their magecraft as a sham. After all, while what they do is minuscule in scope, it’s identical to magecraft from the Age of Gods—a completely backward process where they first use a god’s Authority to ensure a result, and then enlarge this result through a chant.
They exploit a god, but how real their faith in their god is varies wildly from person to person.
Incidentally, the idea of every member of the organization sharing a fragment of a god was inspired by the Thought Magecraft in the continent.

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