A pseudonym for the Faculty of Modern Magecraft.
Alternatively, the “Daddy Long Legs” family of the Clock Tower.1
Having been fortunate with money for generations, the Norwich family has a tradition of adopting people of interest, causing the name to spread throughout the Clock Tower. Once upon a time, Adashino Hishiri and Heartless bore the name, but later cut their ties with them. Neither of which was a particular concern to Norwich, due to their strict philosophy of “It’s not worth pursuing those who flee.”
The name Norwich came to be associated with the Faculty of Modern Magecraft due to the strong backing the Norwich family provided when it was being set up as one of the twelve main Faculties of the Clock Tower.
While the current head of Norwich has taken an interest in El-Melloi II, due to their complex political situation, Reines has decided it is best for them to keep their distance. After all, she had long since given up hope for her brother to possess such a sense for politics.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ The term Daddy-Long-Legs refers to a scholarship system for orphaned children, provided by anonymous benefactors. It’s named after Jean Webster’s 1912 novel of the same name, in which an orphaned girl goes to college, paid for by a stranger she never met.
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