Orlocke Caesermund

One of the invitees to Adra, the Castle of Separation. A user of Butterfly Magecraft. His elemental affinity is Wind.
Though he first appeared with the impression of a last boss, he ended up showing a rather good-natured side to El-Melloi II, and so ended up like that. His unexpected adaptability and understanding of Modern Magecraft likely stems from his distance from the political games of the Clock Tower, allowing him to judge based on merit alone.
As a magus capable of reaching the rank of Brand, he nevertheless found himself drowned in love.
Instigated by Geryon himself, Orlocke came to have a relationship with Geryon’s wife. Born from that affair, Granid Ashbourne was genetically Orlocke’s son.
The boy he ended up engraving his Magic Crest and personality on to at the end of the story was named Shanon. Perhaps that was the name Orlocke had intended to give to his own child someday…
Perhaps the sickness that struck down Orlocke was the same that claimed the lives of Geryon’s wife and son…
And perhaps all of that was part of Geryon’s plan from the beginning.
For now, it all remains a mystery.
But, his incantation of “Perform a dance” is something El-Melloi II will never forget.

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