Princess of Gold / Princess of Silver

The center piece of the Twin Towers of Iselma. Casually written as "a beauty that can’t be expressed by pictures," they were the first on the list of problems for the illustrator Mr. Mineji and the manga artist Mr. Azuma Tou. Who made this character? It was me.
If anything brought to its utmost limit could bring one to the Root, my idea was to follow that premise with a supreme beauty.
But, as a “beauty that can reach the Root,” it had to follow a completely different path than even the beauty of a goddess. For a supreme beauty that included every possibility, is that really something human standards would find beautiful? The answer to that question exists only in the hearts of those who saw those two face to face.

As a bit of a digression, the correct formula for the spell is not a woman and a woman, but yang and yin1 — in short, a man and a woman as a pair would have been more correct. The reason it didn’t end up that way is that magecraft already includes properties of the moon, which symbolizes yin, so it was modified to balance out the fact the ritual leaned towards that element of yin from the beginning.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Ying and yang, an Asian concept of dualism that symbolizes positive/light (yang) and negative/dark (yin).
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