World Situation

On the surface it is a calm and gentle world,
But it is in fact a world that is facing its final curtain call.

Starting with the Great Collapse (the pole shift) that occurred in 1970, human civilization declined due to a sudden lack of resources, coupled with the reduction of industrial production, a continuous stream of nations faced bankruptcy and failure.
Compounded with the effects of the Great Collapse, numerous biohazard zones caused by natural disasters appeared, and by the year 2000 the population of the Earth was only two-thirds of what it once was.
Oil was mostly exhausted, and its use became regulated. With this the Arab oil countries lost the power they once held.
Mankind turned to develop a new energy frontier: the North Pole. However the rights to the North Pole were mostly held by the West Europe Plutocracy (Harwey’s Plutocracy), and the Plutocracy came to be the defacto owners of 30% of the world.
The West Europe Plutocracy did not act like a cruel dictatorship, and declared to all that it would manage and distribute the remaining resources to ensure the survival of mankind, so they helped not only Europe but everyone around the world. The Plutocracy ushered in a new era of city-nations and strove to promote universal acceptance of refugees regardless of race.
Under the direction of the West Europe Plutocracy, cities around the world created an ideal system of city management which eliminated most poverty and strife.
The result: advanced technology became focused in the western part of the Eurasian continent. Countries that were suffocating from poverty were given resource assistance, and the Plutocracy continued to expand its umbrella of influence. This is when Harwey, as head of the Plutocracy, effectively gained enough power to be considered the ruler of the world.
Alongside its management of cities, the Plutocracy also put a freeze on all space-related technology development.
Proclaiming, “Mankind has no need for further technological advancement in this area.” the Plutocracy aimed to refine and regulate the management of society.

Meanwhile hostilities between West Europe and Islam intensified, and there was endless conflict.
Islamic countries blamed their downfall on the “machine-like management of cities and resources” and prepared to relentlessly fight back against the factions of West Europe.
However, the Islamic countries were losing their identity as nations, and were unable to continue fighting back properly, so they were resigned to just using guerrilla warfare. It is said that the Islamic resistance will be driven back and defeated in about 5 years.

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