Shingon Tachikawa School Outline

Shingon Tachikawa’s scriptures and theories are based on three points of view.
The first is Luminous Mind based on Rishu-kyo.
Sex is a natural part of being human, and originally was considered to be something very pure that is connected with enlightenment. Sex tends to be assumed to be a simple pleasure, but strictly speaking it is not actually an act that affirms your desire. Desires that are connected with infatuation and indecision are an obstacle to enlightenment, but a pure sexual desire is a desire for the benefit of all living things, and it is something that you should maintain as part of your survival instinct. It is just affirming our survival instinct and thus is connected with enlightenment.
Of course, this overview is extremely difficult to understand, and it is said that even most of the disciples taught directly by the founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kukai, were not taught it. As a rule, those who were not of high monk rank or above were not permitted to read the related scriptures.
The second is Union, which is the concept of two beings sublimated into one being, and/or being reincarnated.
This is derived from the concept of Onmyoudo (Taoist) “Cosmic dual forces connected together become taiji1” that was unified with the Shugendou concept of the universe and nature. It is from this unification that the techniques of miracle efficacy, Sennin art of love making, and tantric yoga methods were introduced into Tachikawa.
The third is the method of drawing out power from “beyond” by breaking down your own boundaries.
Is it said that this method made many monks lose their self-control, power of reasoning, and moral values due to murder or eating meat, eating fish, or drinking alcohol.
(However it is theorized that this method may have not actually been put into practice by the Tachikawa Sect).
Through the combination of these three kinds of thoughts and methods the Tachikawa Sect considered the unification of “Dakini = Dainichi Buddha [Vairocana] = Amaterasu Oomikami” to be the ultimate goal.
Namely, they tried to achieve enlightenment by becoming one with the fundamental truths of the universe.
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Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Taiji: The principle that embodies all potential things, incl. time and space.
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