Horizon of Dawn that Burns Down the Myriad of Seas.
A sword that the Mesopotamian war god Zababa has and that is paired with Ig-Alima… It’s the name with which it was crowned, but it can’t be ascertained if this is “the real thing” or what either. Alias: Cleaving Ocean Sword.

A Divine Construct that burns down even a myriad of seas, molded as a peak resembling a cluster of lava and a sword blade of pure fire. It possesses the concept of “horizon.”
That is at the end of the sea and the sky, the peak of “the territory in which they melt and mix.” If the direction of the dawn is given to it, that is namely a furnace that melts down everything. What springs up continually are the flames of purge that burn down and make everything one. Before the bright-colored brandishing of the sword, right and wrong, whatever was the enemy ―They are equally molten inside the daybreak.

PRISMA material/petit: Encyclopedia of Prisma Illya MOVIE