Thought Foundation

The concept which composes the crux of Thought Magecraft. Called “the Disc” for short.
It’s an ultra-giant Mystic Code fused with Earth, and can also be considered the simulation of an artificial deity, or in a sense, an artificial Root. Users of Though Magecraft are connected to the Thought Foundation from beginning to end and use it as the medium to activate their magecraft.
Therefore, the goal in Thought Magecraft is not to reach the Root, but to make this Disc reach the Root’s level of accuracy. Although that act is akin to attempting to fix a long broken plate without having all the missing parts…
Now, despite the name “Disc,” it is somewhat like a path and somewhat like one of those particle accelerators from modern science. It’s the cloud computing of thoughts humans can’t fully utilize, but this Disc does more than only collect the thoughts, it accelerates the thoughts nonstop, and continues to expand to this day… or it’s watching the fantasy where it continued to expand (The changes to magecraft at the end of the Age of Gods reached everyone equally, including Thought Magecraft, and that brought about major losses and minor benefits).

TYPE-MOON BOOKS material: The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II Glossary