Enuma Elish

Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth.
The cutting of space with the Sword of Rupture, Ea.
Air pressure faults, compressed and smashed against each other, become a pseudo-fault in time and space that pulverizes all who oppose it.
With output matching or even exceeding Excalibur, it is without a doubt the sword that “cut the world.”
Strictly speaking, the Noble Phantasm is actually Ea, while Enuma Elish is the name of Ea’s maximum output state.
…By the way, the sword’s drill shape is modeled after the bedrock excavators used when making underwater tunnels.
Though normally you’d think of a drill as something that tapers down to a point like a spear, the drills used to bore out enormous holes actually look more like numerous overlapping gears.
The way the blades rotate individually and shave away at the bedrock… just imagining it is so cool!

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